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Barin Software Group is made in 2012 with 2 professional educated programmer for designing and implementing Industrial softwares, and Automation softwares. now it has more than 5 programmers in the group and also 9 employee in the company. One of our goal is to use technology to make all the services easier and simpler. so our slogon is TECHNOLOGY IN LIFE. We have implemented a software named Barinclinic, to service doctors for their offices and big clinics to easily management the offices and clinics. It has so many parts like Appointment, Reception, Patient Medical Records, Reports & Statistics, Medical Imaging, Lab and etc. we have some partners in all around the word that you can see in the partner section.

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BrinClinic Technological Approaches
We have using Agile Methodoly for managing the project. This method is really help us to work fast, and make the application better. We usign 3 layer software development architecture for creating this application. and also we have used experienced high educated devloper for anylsing and devolping this application.
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