What is Barinclinic?
Barinclinic try to present the best solution according to clinic difficulties and needs. We have created this software to help doctors to observe the whole clinic in every where and every time, and also help in saving bugdet and time and better serving patients.
Our Customers
Some of Our Customers
How Barinclinic accessible all the time and everywhere?
Important Features
Clinic Management Software
Turn Rating
This section helps secretary to book appointment time for patients. All the needed data is shown in one page for user relaibility.
In the Reception Process, First Presonal data of patient is booked and then the services and the finanace calculation is record.
Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
All the Medical Images and Files can be stored in the patient records and can be see via doctors for better assessment.
Finance Reports
Finance Reports
Financial Reports and Statistical Reports can be shown in this section. The daily cash report and statistics of visited patients in specific period of time and so many usefull reports can be seen in this reports.
More than
Medical Records
Medical Record is booked for the patient in first appointment.
More than
Online Appointments or physical appointments included
More than
All Physicions logged patient history and what they do for a patient.

How to Work with Barinclinic!